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Symbiotics Sicav (Lux.) – Emerging Impact Bond Fund (EIBF) ticker ( SSEMIAC:LX) makes investment in businesses and projects in emerging markets globally which target Low and Middle Income Households (LMIHs) as well as Micro- Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) in order to foster access to capital to MSMEs active in low income population segments to create jobs and alleviate poverty.

Through these investments, its aims to foster inclusive development impact and thereby long-term value creation through sustainable principles by promoting the democratization of access to capital to MSMEs active in low income population segments, the Fund seeks to contribute to job creation and poverty alleviation and hence to a sustainable form of globalization (Environment, Social and Governance).

Supporting the development of MSMEs in emerging and frontier markets has proven to be a useful and important tool for promoting sustainable development and boosting economic growth over the long term. At the same time, it generates a stable return for investors which generally has low correlation to traditional financial markets.

The Fund seeks to provide a “money market plus” yield, targeting USD 3-month LIBOR + 1-3% annual net return for a volatility of 1-3% over an investment cycle, resulting from economic value creation at the base of the pyramid in emerging and frontier markets.

Fund style

Not listed

Financial description

The Fund is designed for qualified investors with a minimum investment amount of EUR 125,000 equivalent. The Fund targets both specialized and mainstream investors who seek to benefit from the growth potential of emerging and frontier markets and to contribute to the critical development of the MSME sector as the center of innovation and job creation in emerging economies.
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8 years

of track record


the year funded

10,000,000 USD


Asset manager

Symbiotics SA


Headquarters location:

SDG goals

SDG targets

Equal rights to ownership basic services technology and economic resources

Safe and affordable housing

Universal access to safe and nutritious food

Increase global percentage of renewable energy

Promote policies to support job creation and growing enterprises

Increase access to financial services and markets

Key performance indicators

Fund overview

Asset manager: Symbiotics SA

Product track record: Fund has 8 years of track record

Target IRR: n.a.

Committed Capital: n.a.

Target return category: Risk-adjusted market-rate of return

Fund domicile:

Product status:


Inception year: 2015

Vintage year: 2015

Target region: ,

Target close date: n.a.

Product term: n.a.

Assets under management: 10,000,000 USD (US Dollar)

Investment size: Min: 0; Max: 0; Avg: 400,000

Co-investment policy:

Currency of investments:

Currency for fund / product figures:

Fund investments to date: 18

Fund investments to date exited or repaid: 0

Management fee: 0.6%

Carried interest: n.a.

Hurdle rate: n.a.

GIIN Investors' Council Investment: No

Limited Partners / Investors: n.a.

Limited Partner / Investor Type: n.a.


E-mail: n.a.


Phone number: +41 (0)22 338 15 40

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Luca Tosi

Senior Relationship Manager

Impact Performance


Impact thesis

The Fund will primarily invest in impact bonds targeting financial intermediaries serving MSMEs as well as LMIHs in emerging and frontier economies. The Fund may also invest in other impact bonds to finance sustainable impact that address basic needs such as health, food and agriculture, education, housing and clean energy. Finally, the Fund also invests in more liquid bonds issued by International Financial Institutions (IFIs) or bilateral Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), all of which provide financing primarily in emerging and frontier markets and are subject to environmental, social and governance (ESG) guidelines.
Given the emerging nature of its target investment universe, the Fund will seek to be as flexible as possible in terms of eligible instruments, although initially bonds issued via the Symbiotics bond platform and bonds issued by IFIs / DFIs will make up the majority of the portfolio. The ultimate objective of the Fund will be to maximize its contribution to inclusive development impact in line with sustainable principles

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