About us

Our purpose

The most comprehensive private impact funds database

We developed ImpactYield with the professional investment community in mind because we believe that when equipped with quality and comprehensive data, investors like you can be one of the most powerful agents of change.

ImpactYield brings transparency to the market to help all impact fund participants make an impact — without losing themselves in the process.

Why ImpactYield?

For investors

A public database of private funds that’s second to none

  • 600+ curated entries
  • 100 data points per fund, including financial and impact data
  • Fully searchable database using financial or impact parameters
  • Designed to reduce the cost of screening and auditing
For asset managers

The best way to position your fund online and reach a wider community.

  • Impeccably accurate and useful information for the public and to promote specific objectives.
  • Effortless reporting, always at your service .
  • Gain exposure via your name, geography, impact theme, SDGs, etc.

We focus on meaningful impact through quality data

Prevent “impact washing”

ImpactYield actively screens out any pseudo-impact funds that fall into “impact washing” by following a series of rigorous internal controls as well as the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) principles.

Accurate financial information

ImpactYield believes that impact investing is about making a contribution that lasts beyond what philanthropy is capable of. That requires sound decisions that must rely on quality financial information.

Quality over quantity

While ImpactYield boasts a large database, we also take the extra step to avoid indiscriminate data gathering because we know that the key to impact investing is the quality of fund data, not the quantity.

Every impact fund is different

ImpactYield isn’t just another standard for impact reporting. We understand that the performance of each fund is measured in a slightly different way, which is why we manage data agnostically, in the same way a fund manager presents it.

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