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Fund ranking by geography

153 funds

More developed regions (North America, Asia & Oceania)

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127 funds


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112 funds

United States of America

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67 funds


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50 funds

Eastern Africa

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42 funds

Western Europe

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38 funds

Latin America and the Caribbean

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30 funds

Southern Asia

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25 funds


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Fund ranking by theme

Explore all funds by impact category. These are the categories impacted by more funds.

Financial Services

219 funds

Community Development

215 funds


173 funds

Labor & Employment

172 funds

Responsible Finance

124 funds


113 funds

Sustainable Consumer Products

106 funds

Real Estate

88 funds


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We focus on providing high-quality impact and financial data

We make navigating impact funds easy with a comprehensive, structured and cross-referenced database and a powerful search engine.

Prevent "impact washing"

ImpactYield only lists impact funds with an intentional impact strategy.

Easy reporting for asset managers

A convenient tool to publish fund data without complex and time-consuming processes.

Prioritize by performance, governance and objectives

Get separate information on impact thesis, management and performance.

Personalized impact reporting

Our flexible impact reporting section captures each fund’s individual impact.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we add our fund to ImpactYield’s database?

Yes. Contact us and we will prepare the data based on public information and the reports that you want to share with us.

As an investor, can I ask for a fund to be added to your database?

Of course. Please let us know which fund you are considering and we will start the process ourselves with the fund manager.

How much does ImpactYield cost?

Our data is free and we plan to keep it that way as long as possible. We also offer premium services, such as data bulk downloads, fund impact assessment, fund impact auditing and fund advertising.