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The Floresta Group of companies was established in 2010 by private investors to design, finance and develop two of the world's largest forest carbon projects – one in Indonesia and the other in Brazil. Our objective is to demonstrate that private sector investment can improve local livelihoods, conserve forest environmental services, and achieve private equity levels of return through an integrated approach linking commercial forestry, biomass energy, improved agriculture and carbon credits and offsets.

Floresta has been established as a limited company rather than as a fund. Thus, it is shares in the holding company or in one of its regional subsidiaries that are being profiled. This corporate structure was chosen to offer flexibility to investors who may have a preference to invest at a regional level and also to allow for further flexibility at exit. When the projects are developed (within three to five years), one or more of the company’s project vehicles or regional subsidiaries could then be able to realize value by listing on a recognized stock exchange or through sale of control to trade or financial concerns.

Financial description

We seek to offer our equity investors private equity type returns. The base returns are generated from commercial scale biomass and timber plantations strategically located to reduce deforestation by providing sustainable jobs, renewable energy and an alternative source of wood supplies to local industry. Returns significantly above those of comparable investments are achievable because the investment program, by reducing or eliminating deforestation, generates carbon credits as well as revenue from the sale of wood. These projects represent the first industrial scale investment opportunities of their kind.

13 years

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SDG goals

SDG targets

Sustainable food production and resilient agricultural practices

Universal access to modern energy

Increase global percentage of renewable energy

Expand and upgrade energy services for developing countries

Full employment and decent work with equal pay

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Fund overview

Asset manager: Floresta Holdings Limited

Product track record: Fund has 13 years of track record

Target IRR: 30%

Committed Capital: 0 USD (US Dollar)

Target return category: Risk-adjusted market-rate of return

Fund domicile:

Product status:

Style/Stage: ,

Inception year: 2010

Vintage year: n.a.

Target region: , , ,

Target close date: 01/04/2013

Product term: Indefinite, equity shares in holding company

Assets under management: n.a.

Investment size: Min: 50,000; Max: 10,000,000; Avg: 0

Co-investment policy:

Currency of investments:

Currency for fund / product figures:

Fund investments to date: 0

Fund investments to date exited or repaid: 0

Management fee: n.a.

Carried interest: n.a.

Hurdle rate: n.a.

GIIN Investors' Council Investment: No

Limited Partners / Investors: n.a.

Limited Partner / Investor Type: Family Office


E-mail: n.a.

Website: http://www.floresta.com

Phone number: 442034357113.00

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Avi Goldstein, JD

Senior Vice-President Corporate Finance

Daniel Maynard

Senior Advisor

Impact Performance


Impact thesis

Approximately 10 million metric tonnes of carbon credits will be generated per annum as a result of the impact of the plantation investment on the local patterns of land-use and the supply of renewable energy. This represents a net reduction of greenhouse gas emissions on an unprecedented scale. Credits will arise from: reduced deforestation and forest degradation (REDD); peatland rewetting and conservation (PRC); carbon sequestration in reforested areas (A/R); and the substitution of renewable for fossil fuel electricity generation (F/S).
When fully implemented, the projects will create up to 50,000 jobs for rural people including thousands of women; improve rural standards of living; make significant contributions to the conservation of two large, intact tropical forest ecosystems, including their biodiversity and fresh water resources; and make a major contribution to the mitigation of climate change.

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