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Floresta’s management team was drawn together by its concern for tackling the economics of deforestation and climate change. Not only does this management team harbour an integrated conservation philosophy, but it also brings together extensive experience in forestry, timber plantation management, biomass power generation, emerging market local community economic development, carbon credit development, law and finance.
To date, efforts to halt tropical deforestation have relied largely on charitable support and/or the sporadic monetization of carbon. Neither approach has achieved scale nor attracted the capital required to affect real change. Floresta believes that destructive practices driving deforestation will continue until more profitable, integrated, and sustainable means of food, wood, and energy production are created. Floresta’s seeks to demonstrate that private sector investment can improve local livelihoods, conserve forest environmental services, and achieve competitive levels of financial return through an integrated approach linking sustainable commercial forestry (on degraded and poorly managed land), biomass energy, sustainable agriculture, and carbon credits.

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