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Following a management buy-out in 2011, Sarona is an independent, institutional, private investments firm still linked to its roots within MEDA, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing technical and financial assistance to entrepreneurial communities in frontier markets. Today, through its experience, local partners and investment networks, Sarona continues its mission to create scalable and sustainable business solutions to developmental issues. It does so by managing a number of portfolios, both on a discretionary and advisory basis, investing in private equity and private debt funds and by providing equity and debt capital to small and medium growing companies.
We trace our roots back to 1953 when a group of socially minded business people formed a company to invest in the Sarona Dairy in Paraguay to support the local community. Forty years later, in 1993, Gerhard Pries, Sarona’s current Managing Partner, joined MEDA to create a number of vehicles collaborating with organizations such as USAID, CARE and CIDA, the Canadian government development agency. OPIC and the Canadian government support Sarona to this day.

Incorporation year: 1953

Headquarters location:

Currency for fund / product figures:

Total firm assets under management: 200000000 USD

Membership and other professional affiliations: GIIN Member (Investors' Council or Network Membership)

Years top investment professionals have worked together: 3


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Managing Partner & CEO

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Partner & MD Fund Investments

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Partner & MD Operations

Vivina Berla

Co-Managing Partner

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