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Emerging countries (256)

ANMF is a regulated and semi-open-ended fund, established by ASN Bank and Oxfam Novib in 1999, managed by Triple Jump. The fund invests in Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) and financial intermediaries in developing countries, enabling them to finance the growth of their investment and credit portfolio. ANMF is the first mutual retail fund that invests in MFIs in the Netherlands.

Fund style

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Financial description

The Fund is an open-ended investment institution which has been structured as an open-ended mutual fund that invests in MFIs and other financial intermediaries in Developing Countries. An entrepreneur who is unable to approach a bank may obtain a small loan from an MFI to start up his own business, for example.
The Fund invests in two ways. It can lend money to an MFI, on the one hand. This occurs in the form of a private loan, unless this is impossible due to local regulations or market practices. The MFI then provides loans to small-scale businesses and investment projects in Developing Countries, particularly those that have been approved under the terms of the Socio-ethical Project Regulations 2005. On the other hand, the Fund may acquire a Participating Interest in an MFI. This means that the Fund acquires a holding in the equity of that MFI.

24 years

of track record


the year funded

500,000,000 EUR


Asset manager

Triple Jump


Headquarters location:

SDG goals

SDG targets

Equal rights to ownership basic services technology and economic resources

Promote policies to support job creation and growing enterprises

Increase access to financial services and markets

Key performance indicators

Fund overview

Asset manager: Triple Jump

Product track record: Fund has 24 years of track record

Target IRR: 2%

Committed Capital: 249,000,000 EUR (Euro)

Target return category: Below risk-adjusted market-rate of return

Fund domicile:

Product status:


Inception year: 1999

Vintage year: 1999

Target region:

Target close date: n.a.

Product term: Open-ended

Assets under management: 500,000,000 EUR (Euro)

Investment size: Min: 250,000; Max: 6,000,000; Avg: 1,800,000

Co-investment policy:

Currency of investments:

Currency for fund / product figures:

Fund investments to date: 172

Fund investments to date exited or repaid: 0

Management fee: 2.7%

Carried interest: n.a.

Hurdle rate: n.a.

GIIN Investors' Council Investment: No

Limited Partners / Investors: Retail investors

Limited Partner / Investor Type: Retail Investors




Phone number: +31 20 7600636

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Geert van Asbeck

PR and Communications Officer

Mark van Doesburgh

Managing Director

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Impact thesis

The ASN-Novib Fund invests in microfinance institutions, savings and credit co-operatives, banks and investment funds that provide credit to small-scale entrepreneurs that are deemed to have proven entrepreneurial capacity. The goal of the fund is to encourage broader participation by all types of entrepreneurs in the market economies of developing countries.
TripleJump started reporting to the UNPRI in 2012.

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