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Alter Equity3P is an Impact Fund providing capital to French non-listed SMEs, with a rigorous impact approach in Private Equity, with 5 investment criteria :

1) A positive Business Sector impact : Environment (clean technologies, building and energy, optimization/savings of resources, organic products, etc.) and / or Social (education, fair trade, culture, well being, etc.);

2) A commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility through the implementation of the Impact business plan;

3) Revenue in the range of € 1 to 50 million, strong growth potential;

4) Experienced, committed and talented Management team;

5) Exit options leading to an attractive financial return.

Alter Equity3P is a French FPCI.

Financial description

Alter Equity3P provides Growth Capital to French SMEs and makes individual investments from €1M to €5M.

10 years

of track record


the year funded



Asset manager

Alter Equity


Headquarters location:

SDG goals

SDG targets

Equal rights to ownership basic services technology and economic resources

Encourage companies to adopt sustainable practices and sustainability reporting

Universal access to sexual and reproductive care, family planning and education

Free primary and secondary education

Full employment and decent work with equal pay

Key performance indicators

Fund overview

Asset manager: Alter Equity

Product track record: Fund has 10 years of track record

Target IRR: n.a.

Committed Capital: n.a.

Target return category: Risk-adjusted market-rate of return

Fund domicile:

Product status:


Inception year: 2013

Vintage year: 2014

Target region: , , ,

Target close date: n.a.

Product term: 10 year term + 2x1 year ext.

Assets under management: n.a.

Investment size: Min: 0; Max: 0; Avg: 0

Co-investment policy: ,

Currency of investments:

Currency for fund / product figures:

Fund investments to date: 7

Fund investments to date exited or repaid: 0

Management fee: n.a.

Carried interest: n.a.

Hurdle rate: n.a.

GIIN Investors' Council Investment: No

Limited Partners / Investors: n.a.

Limited Partner / Investor Type: n.a.


E-mail: n.a.


Phone number: 01 42 86 96 41

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Fanny Picard


Impact Performance


Impact thesis

Impact is the core of our investment approach. We have elaborated rigorous impact valuation, analysis and monitoring methods in order to maximize the value created, from the study of an investment proposal until the disvestment.
1) Study of the impact of the business sector : the fund manager evaluates the activity impact of the company into which an investment is considered ("companies"). In case of any doubt, the fund manager consults the Expert Committee, composed of highly-regarded and strongly committed sustainable development experts.
2) The fund manager diagnoses the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices of companies.
3) The fund manager shares its CSR KPIs with companies and ask them to purpose an Impact business plan translating a progress towards improved CSR practices.

Impact Management


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