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By investing in enterprises that can significantly expand access to safe water and sanitation among people living in poverty, WaterEquity fosters an enduring capital market that accelerates universal access to safe water and sanitation.. Lack of financing is the biggest barrier to ending the global water crisis. WaterEquity builds the market between impact investors and water and sanitation enterprises reaching underserved communities, unlocking the level of capital needed to match the scale of this crisis. By supporting the sustainable growth of water and sanitation enterprises in emerging markets, WaterEquity accelerates an end to the global water crisis for hundreds of millions of men, women, and children. WaterEquity’s funds target investments in enterprises that have significant capacity for scale, a strong financial track record, and a deep reach into poor communities. This includes investing in microfinance institutions, micro-utilities, toilet manufacturers, and water purification and sales kiosks. For example, our investees connect families to piped water systems, finance the construction of high-quality toilets, manufacture water filtration devices, and so much more. We understand the scale of the investment opportunity and how to meet the increasing demand for safe water and sanitation among people living in poverty.. WaterEquity builds on Water.org’s 15-year track record with WaterCredit – a market-based model that brings micro-loans to families living in poverty worldwide to help them respond to their water and sanitation needs. Given this foundation, WaterEquity is uniquely positioned to tap into global capital markets and harness the momentum around social impact investing to accelerate progress and impact against the global water crisis. WaterEquity has the needed expertise to build and vet a pipeline of diverse enterprises serving the water supply and sanitation needs of families living in poverty. Strategically following the evolution of WaterCredit and investment opportunities in the water and sanitation sector, WaterEquity is initially investing in enterprises in Asia, followed by subsequent funds focused on Africa and potentially Latin America.

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