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True Wealth Ventures is a new early-stage venture fund, led by two Austin-based women, Sara Brand and Kerry Rupp. The fund’s focus is on women-led companies in sustainable consumer and consumer health. Their investment thesis is that women-led companies perform better financially (as reported in many studies by McKinsey, AmEx, Kauffman, etc.), yet are an untapped market since only 3% of venture dollars go to women-led start-ups and 15% to those with a woman on the leadership team. With women making 85% of consumer purchase decisions and 80% of healthcare decisions, there’s an additional advantage for companies with women on the management team in designing products for, selling to and servicing these women customers. There are surprisingly no other early-stage gender lens funds in the entire central/southern part of the U.S., so Austin makes a great home base for this blind spot in the market given its stature as an active startup hub and with market affinity for the target verticals. Sara and Kerry intend to fill this need and capitalize on these market inefficiencies to invest $20M in approximately 12 companies over the next several years.

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