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SDS’ mission is to provide innovative, transformational capital to projects and companies to improve the quality-of-life for low-income people and communities. SDS’ fund platform has a range of distinct impact funds, each investing in different regions and having a unique investment strategy with specific targeted returns and impact goals.. SDS’ philosophy centers on being an effective fiduciary agent for our investors AND achieving and documenting our impacts. As a fiduciary, our passion for impacts does not override our responsibility as stewards of our investors’ capital. We continuously improve, implementing best practices for originations, due diligence, underwriting (pricing-to-risk), and asset management. We generate market rates-of-return by investing where others do not: lower-middle market investments in secondary, tertiary, rural or highly-distressed urban communities (such as Detroit – nine investments). Impacts, due to the breadth of our investments, are detailed in individually-tailored reports. A manufacturer, reshored from China, creating 300 jobs in a small, rural community in Tennessee with 24% poverty has employment and economic development impacts far different from ASREF’s upcoming investment in 220 Section 8 affordable apartments enabling hundreds of tenants to avoid homelessness. We thoroughly report on the range of impacts from investments as starkly different as these.. SDS has four factors that differentiate us and our products: SDS’ Platform of Impact Funds: SDS develops and manages distinct impact funds needed in various markets. SDS Supports Other Impact Funds: SDS has an affiliated Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and administers more than $358 million of third-party impact funds through our finance/back office SDS Advantage. Seek to Push Innovations in Impact Investing: Many of our funds are first-of-a-kind impact funds or have new impact innovations. (See ASREF Class B structure below.) Even SCF, the nonprofit private-foundation we launched, is unique in that it does not make grants: it invests market-rate or below-market rate capital into CDFIs or other first-of-a-kind impact funds that provide small- and micro-loans to low-income entrepreneurs. Impact Reporting: Displeased with the impact reporting in the market, we launched our own impact reporting division 10-years ago to serve our clients and our own funds.

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