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Social Finance was founded in 2011 by a team of Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) alumni to address the student loan problem in the US. Social Finance is the parent of SoFi Capital Advisors, a SEC registered Investment Adviser, and of SoFi Securities, a registered broker-dealer. SoFi Lending Corp. is a licensed student loan originator. Together, our family of companies offer lower rates to students at top, low-default universities while providing middle single digit returns to alumni investors and institutions. The students and alumni of the same schools are connected financially and socially through the SoFi community.
SoFi’s inaugural loan program was a $2 million pilot at the GSB. Since then, SoFi has expanded its product set to include both in-school and refinancing loans at 79 schools nationwide and has raised $80 million to fund loans and operations. SoFi is currently one of the largest group-to-group lending businesses and is on plan to originate $1 billion in loans in 2013. SoFi is managed by a team of financial services and entrepreneurial veterans, and is based in San Francisco with offices in Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington DC.

Incorporation year: 2012

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Total firm assets under management: 24000000 USD

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Years top investment professionals have worked together: 5


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