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SilverYard Founder/CEO, Ray Jones, began with perhaps an innate passion for doing good. His passion was cultivated further by his parents, academics (particularly economics and science), and the continuous witnessing of the many problems and injustices that have faced humans, other species, and the environment. His longtime passion has led to a work ethic focused on determining and preparing to execute his ultimate strategy; It has also led to his consistent optimism that produces visions of solutions and an entrepreneurial spirit focused on aiding the leadership of socially and environmentally conscious business models -the leading forces in his strategy for positive transformation. After a valuable grade school education in Columbus, OH, studying economics at Stanford, and nearly a decade of specialized jobs in preparation for executing his strategy, in 2015 Ray has launched SilverYard as a purpose-driven venture capital firm to fund and help grow entrepreneurial startups that can accomplish the better world he believes is in popular demand. Today, SilverYard aims to find and attract best-in-class entrepreneurial teams that can satisfy the global demand for sustainable solutions.

Incorporation year: 2015

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Total firm assets under management: 25000000 USD

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