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Reinvestment Fund is the leading innovator in the financing of neighborhood and economic revitalization. Central to its mission is a commitment to put capital and private initiative to work for the public good. In pursuit of its mission, Reinvestment Fund finances homes, community facilities, schools, commercial real estate, businesses and sustainable energy projects using loan, equity and other financing tools. It supports its financing with a strong research and policy analysis capacity that has become a highly regarded source of unbiased information for public officials and private investors.
The Fund’s analytical strength is also reflected in its newly created national online data and mapping tool that is available for all internet users at The tool offers thousands of data indicators to help users understand a place, compare places or track investments in a place.
It’s $840 million in capital comes from over 850 investors, including individuals, religious and civic groups, financial institutions, the public sector and private foundations.

Incorporation year: 1985

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Total firm assets under management: 840000000 USD

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Years top investment professionals have worked together: 14


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