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Progreso started in 2001 and since then, works together with producers and their organizations to improve the income of the coffee and cocoa smallholders. Progreso promotes the integration of their products in the international market. To achieve these goals, there’s an integral collaboration with the organizations through the four components of the program. With this approach, Progreso supports the organizations throughout the production and trade processes in order to strengthen their productive, organizational and commercial skills.
At present, Progreso has successfully worked together with more than 70 coffee and cocoa organizations in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Progreso has innovated its approach and has joined forces with other initiatives that also work to improve the income of the small coffee and cocoa farmers.
In the past months, Progreso has launched Grow Ahead ( an initiative that collects loan from individuals and institutions, via an online crowd funding platform, and pre-finances containers of coffee from producer organizations.

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