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PhiTrust Active Investors is an asset management company established in 2003, that specializes in responsible investment in the three so-called “ESG” sectors, i.e. Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance. As an agent for change towards a more just and responsible society, PhiTrust supports both publicly-owned and privately held companies that have a positive impact on society in Europe and worldwide.
In the publicly traded sector, the mutual funds managed by PhiTrust Active Investors have developed a singular strategy of shareholder engagement within major European listed companies to make those companies aware that many shareholders take a long-term view and wish to see them implement policies that take into account the ESG impact of their strategies.
In the private sector, PhiTrust Partenaires has invested in 22 social enterprises across Europe and West Africa, actively mentoring the entrepreneurial teams and advising them in strategic decision-making processes. To date, these businesses have employed 492 disabled workers, created 1,783 socially inclusive jobs, supported 85,958 micro-entrepreneurs and provided 117,394 unabanked persons with financial tools.

Incorporation year: 2003

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Total firm assets under management: 55000000 EUR

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Years top investment professionals have worked together: 9


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