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Pearl Capital Partners (PCP) is an independent agriculture investment management firm with offices in Kampala, Uganda. We administer portfolio management on behalf of African Agricultural Capital Fund, a US$ 25 million agricultural fund that was launched launched in September 2011, the African Seed Investment Fund, a $12 million seed fund formed in August 2010 and our original investment company, African Agricultural Capital Ltd, formed in 2005 with US$ 9 million in equity subscription. African Agricultural Capital was established by Gatsby, Rockefeller and Volksvermogen of Belgium to address the “funding gap” – a lack of small business finance holding back a large number of high-potential enterprises in Africa. The social impact and potential returns from addressing this funding gap is most pronounced in agriculture. Agricultural enterprises are positioned in a value chain to buy outputs or sell key inputs to famers that increase smallholder yields and income.

Incorporation year: 2010

Headquarters location:

Currency for fund / product figures:

Total firm assets under management: 46000000 USD

Membership and other professional affiliations: Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE)

Years top investment professionals have worked together: 5


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