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At North Sky Capital, our experience spans 14 years and 14 private equity funds. We historically have offered Funds of Funds in the following areas: Leveraged Buyout, Venture Capital, Buyout and Clean Technology (resource efficiency and industrial innovation). Our Clean Technology program is further bifurcated into renewable energy infrastructure. We also manage Direct/Co-investment funds that are designed to peer down into the portfolios of our underlying managers and to proactively seek to invest in attractive growth-oriented companies.
Clients include college endowments, foundations, pension plans (corporate, public and Taft Hartley), family offices and high net worth individuals. We highly value the trust our clients have placed in us and we are continually striving to:
– be good stewards of our clients’ capital,
– provide attractive risk-adjusted returns,
– always put our clients’ interests first,
– keep our clients well-informed, and
– stay at the leading edge of our industry through innovation and constant improvements to our team, IT systems and investment processes.

Incorporation year: 2000

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Total firm assets under management: 864038356 USD

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