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NewWorld Capital Group (the “Firm” or “NewWorld”) has been operating since October 2009 and launched NewWorld Environmental Opportunities Fund, L.P. (the “Fund”) in January 2012 to make growth capital and control investments in mid-sized and smaller companies in the large ($300 Billion), growing (2-4x normalized GDP, with many sub-segments growing at far greater rates) and significantly undercapitalized environmental opportunities sector in the United States and Canada. NewWorld’s target investment segments encompass energy efficiency, clean energy, water resources and reclamation, waste-to-value, and environmental services markets.
NewWorld seeks to maximize economic returns to investors (a “single bottom line” focus) while creating collateral benefits to the economy in the form of reduced resource use and cleaner, more sustainable operations. This sector features innovation and complexity to allow optimal value for sector specialists, as well as diversity to protect against cyclicality in any one sector segment.
Since inception, the Firm has invested in two companies and seven commercial scale solar projects.

Incorporation year: 2009

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Total firm assets under management: 80000000 USD

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Years top investment professionals have worked together: 4


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