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Mirova Natural Capital’s line of Althelia Funds aim to align our economy with our ecology, linking sustainable production with protection.. Althelia Climate Fund 1 is focusing on opportunities that combine rigorous environmental stewardship and governance, provide a fair and sustainable living to rural communities and producing new assets like certified deforestation-free agroforestry produce and verified emission reduction units. This integrated land use model with diversified revenue sources allows us to de-risk investments and concentrate on delivering superior returns and impact results to investors. In 2018 we launched the Althelia Sustainable Ocean Fund (SOF), investing in sustainable fisheries and aquaculture projects alongside marine conservation and plastics waste management. SOF will apply the principles of high ESG standards and a focus on environmental stewardship to the ocean sector, building resilience in coastal ecosystems and creating sustainable economic growth and livelihoods.. Althelia Funds is an impact investment, multi-fund platform, with funds aimed across the sustainable landscapes impact investment sector, from ACF1 & 2 which target a small number of exceptional conservation and natural resource management projects in the nascent stages, to LDN Fund which aims to take these businesses to scale and Rabobank’s Agri3 Fund (to which we serve as advisor) targeting a large number of farmers to improve their environmental and social stewardship. We benefit from the experience of Mirova and Natixis in the wider asset management space, whilst implementing our strong ESG and best-in-class impact delivery, measurement and reporting across all our Funds. Across the team we have decades of experience in assessing sustainable land use projects on the ground, and we aim to partner with all our investments, providing them with support and guidance alongside finance.

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