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Natural capital -our ecosystems, biodiversity and natural resources- is fundamental to the well-being and for the sustainable development of our societies. The annual value of services provided by nature is in the trillions of dollars. Too often, however, financial capital is deployed against natural capital, destroying long term sustainability of our environment, as well as the human economy.
Althelia is mission driven to focus on blended-value investments that deliver the highest calibre social, environmental and economic performance. We aim to demonstrate that financial performance can be fully aligned with sound environmental stewardship and social development. With a special emphasis on sustainable land-use, biodiversity and ecosystem services, our vision seeks to leverage investment to simultaneously catalyse a range of positive impacts, including:
– Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
– Sustained or enhanced biodiversity and ecosystem function and resilience
– Conservation of endangered species
– Positively transformed and economically empowered local communities
– Financial and livelihood benefits achieved

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