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LISC catalyzes opportunity through cross-sector collaborations. It directs the strategic flow of capital to people and communities with underdeveloped assets. LISC’s work demonstrates that elevating and empowering community leaders, organizations, and local assets are the most effective means of fueling change.. A key element of LISC’s strategy lies within its structure. LISC has a strong national office that runs its major programs and initiatives and its strategy is carried out at the local level throughout its 30+ field offices and a rural program that touches 2,000 counties. LISC leverages its local presence and relationships to forge resilient and inclusive communities of opportunity across the country, efficiently directing the flow of capital for maximum impact. LISC’s core strength lies in catalyzing opportunity, which it accomplishes by:. With a 40-year track record and one of the largest pools of capital for loan deployment, LISC has established itself as a leader in community development financing. LISC’s model is based upon establishing roots in local communities so that it can deliver technical support alongside financing. On the policy side, through our DC operations and local offices, we are working at multiple levels of government to support lower wealth communities and ultimately pave the way for these communities to join the economic mainstream. LISC also stands out among its peers based on its financial strength and credit quality. Based on a recent industry study performed by Opportunity Finance Network, LISC’s Net Assets, a proxy for Net Worth, exceeded its peer group average by 73%. Furthermore, LISC outpaces its peers in terms of portfolio outstanding and direct financing closed during 2017, exceeding the peer group by 16% in both categories.

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