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Our strategy is focused on identifying properties below the size preferred by institutions, located in growing or supply-constrained markets throughout the United States, primed for environmental efficiency improvements and in need of social programs to strengthen their communities. We believe impact is accretive to returns.. The Impact Strategy purchases affordable housing assets ignored or mispriced by institutions, mismanaged by developers and owners, that can be improved and run more efficiently, benefiting tenants and communities, while producing an attractive investment return. Many real estate investors focus on new properties with environmentally friendly systems in place. A large opportunity exists to improve older properties with inefficient systems. Replacement systems available are more environmentally friendly, have lower operating and maintenance costs, and lower the overall load on the planet. We partner with local NGOs to offer programs tailored to the needs of the tenancy at each property. Social programs are offered for the benefit of the tenants, to potentially improve their ability to maintain or improve employment, education, and credit, and to improve the performance of the assets through increased pride of place, lower maintenance and unit turnover costs, and better credit as tenants pay rent more consistently.. We believe our culture is unique in that key employees receive half of their earned year-end bonuses as investments in our strategies, vesting over time. This dynamic creates alignment of interests in making investment decisions and asset management decisions between the firm’s key employees and LPs, as key employees are LPs. We demonstrated the discipline to return commitments when the risk outweighs the return potential. Our team is relentlessly focused on downside protection and capital preservation throughout varying business and economic cycles, concentrating on strong secondary markets with fundamental economic health and demand for affordability. Most importantly, we have a fiduciary responsibility to place the best interest of our clients above all else. We strive to be investor friendly, do not charge asset management fees on capital committed, provide allocation capacity protection to the RIAs and consultants with which we work, and offer first right on co-investment opportunities to LPs.

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