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We partner with public and private investors to finance the future of organic and regenerative agriculture in America, by managing an indefinitely scalable corporate structure for farmland ownership and financing that provides multi-generational impact to family farmers practicing sustainable, organic and regenerative agriculture. We partner with a broad-based investor ownership, keeping the farmer on the land producing healthy food in healthy soil and growing a strong family farming business.. The Company has established a corporate structure for farmland ownership that is indefinitely scale-able and provides multi-generational impact to family farmers practicing sustainable, organic agriculture. Essentially, this: keep the farmer on the land producing healthy food in healthy soil while growing a strong farming business. Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT buys or mortgages farmland and provides indefinitely renewable leases with an initial five year term. The leases generally include a minimum base rent plus a variable income component based on total farm revenues. This innovative lease structure allows the Company to participate directly in the growing business of producing healthy foods while giving investors full appreciation of the underlying real asset. The farmers view this lease as favorable, as the base rent is below traditional all cash rents, thus providing downside protection. Over time, the valuation of the Company stock will reflect the greater income potential of its local and organic operations, versus existing valuations based on comparable sales of conventional/organic farms. Initial (2007) investors have achieved a valuation at 2.7x money and 12% IRR.. We are democratizing “capital” and enabling the public to invest in a more healthy food system.We are restoring the dead soils of regional monocultures to living, carbon breathing, soils, and more diverse ecosystems.We uncompromisingly support family farmers. Our business is built to support the businesses of organic/regenerative family farmers. We are an investment in a real asset – farmland. And, an investment that shares in the success of family farm businesses. We are investing in organic family farmers; the ones changing the way the food and agricultural system operates for the betterment of planetary and public health.

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