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Last updated 9 July 2020, by Impactyield.

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Impact Finance Management SA is an investment manager offering a unique combination of skills investing in enterprises working in value chains with positive impacts at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP).
Our aim is to add to the two dimensions generally considered by finance, the risk and the return, a third dimension the economic, social, environmental and corporate impact.
• We offer to investors positive returns with relatively low volatility similar to return/risk profiles of successful debt microfinance funds in the last decade.
• We offer investors an insight into the impact on stakeholders over time, generated by the investment portfolio.
• We offer a unique approach based on a strong understanding of the market at the BoP and an outstanding experience with fast growing organisations.
• We offer market based financing in the value chains of organisations with scalable and sustainable market and impact at the BoP.

Incorporation year: 2010

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Total firm assets under management: 43000000 USD

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Years top investment professionals have worked together: 5


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Cédric Lombard

Co-CEO in charge of Investments

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