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With passion and great enthusiasm GreenDreamCompany works on tourism & leisure development in African Countries by connecting economical, cultural and ecological elements.
We aim to:
1) Develop sustainable tourism projects (family holiday parks / theme parks) on Historical and Ecological crossroads.
2) Develop and execute programs aimed at capacity building in the (human) supply chain. We believe that sustainable area development can only be successful if all of partners in the value chain can benefit.
In 2004, Leontine van Hooft and Léon van Rijckevorsel (both Dutch) started a small foundation aimed at poverty relief in Africa by jobcreation. They soon got involved in the start-up of a private school for young adults and started training programmes for new entrepreneurs.
Both being entrepreneur, Leontine and Léon spotted opportunities for development in the tourism & leisure sector based on the belief that tourism & leisure are strong drivers of economic development. In 2005, they decided to shift towards a more business-like approach, setting up GreenDreamCompany.
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Leon Van Rijckevorsel

Managing Director Ubuntu Impact Investments / CFO GreenDreamCompany

Leontine Van Hooft

Co-Founder Ubuntu Impact Investments / CEO GreenDreamCompany

Morag Beers

Memeber of the Board

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