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Gray Ghost Ventures (GGV) is a pioneer of the global impact investing movement and continues to be a vanguard in furthering its belief of promoting impact investments by funding mostly prerevenue,early-stage enterprises. GGV’s goal is to deploy financial resources and business expertise to high impact ventures addressing the needs of large, underserved populations in emerging markets.

Incorporation year: 2008

Headquarters location:

Currency for fund / product figures:

Total firm assets under management: 100000000 USD

Membership and other professional affiliations: GIIN Member (Investors' Council or Network Membership)Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE)

Years top investment professionals have worked together: 4


Related people

Arun Gore

President & CEO

Bahniman Hazarika

Director, Investments

Brian Cayce

Vice President, Investments

Jennifer Fleming

Program Assistant

Jennifer McReynolds

Investor Relations Manager

John Hardman

Investment Manager

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