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Last updated 9 July 2020, by Impactyield.

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Goodwell Investments is a pioneering investment firm focused on financial inclusion, fintech and inclusive growth in sectors providing basic goods and services and income generation opportunities to the underserved in Africa and India. The firm provides early stage equity to high growth high impact businesses, with a heavy focus on the digital economy. With a track record of more than 10 years, the firm demonstrates that it is possible to be commercially successful while having an impact at the same time. ImpactAssets 50, a leading global resource for impact investors, appointed Goodwell to the list, thus recognizing its extensive experience and strong performance within the sector.

Incorporation year: 2004

Headquarters location:

Currency for fund / product figures:

Total firm assets under management: 140000000 USD

Membership and other professional affiliations:

Years top investment professionals have worked together: 15