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Gazelle Finance ( is establishing a $70M fund to provide growth-oriented risk capital to underserved SMEs along the Silk Road, targeting a $27M 1st close in the 2nd quarter of 2016. To date, Gazelle Finance has secured $22M in hard equity commitments from leading DFIs and a potential option for OPIC debt.
The fund will invest in roughly 150 fast-growing SMEs (“gazelles”) in Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, and Kyrgyzstan. Investments will be made as income participation loans and self-liquidating equity investments, ranging $100,000-$1M per investment. Gazelle Finance’s high-volume SME royalty finance model is based on the successful model of Business Partners in Sub-Saharan Africa.
The fund seeks to achieve commercial financial returns and development impact on local economies through revenue growth, job creation, exports, import substitution, and other means. The Gazelle Finance team possesses extensive international and local investment/fund experience. Gazelle Finance’s on-the-ground team has developed a pipeline of over 40 investment opportunities, and a PPM and due diligence materials are available upon request.

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