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Fundageo Group has initially been derived from a personal investment created over 15 years ago. Its founders have a solid experience in two complementary fields : finance and real-estate.
In 2014 after an outstanding success of the personal portfolio (IRR>20% p.a.), the founders of Fundageo launched Théia jointly with Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe (CMNE) the largest French cooperative bank.
Théia’s portfolio has entitled its managers – the Fundageo Team – to develop, validate and prove the model. Fundageo also had to adapt its management to the highest standards required by Institutional Investors, adopting the best practices of the industry. In the meanwhile, focus has also been given to building a strong network of local contacts allowing to optimise operational management.
Fundageo team developed a unique tool to manage a large portfolio of assets. Its aim was to streamline processes, minimise human errors and optimise portfolio management.
Fundageo model has been audited and validated by external and independent experts.

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