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Fresh Source Capital (FSC) ( pursues investments in private companies with compelling teams and strong strategies to build and improve regional food systems and meet increasing and changing consumer and institutional demands for “better” food. FSC manages Funds that are focused on North America and utilize equity and convertible note instruments. The Funds also invest in select income generating opportunities utilizing subordinated debt and royalty financing. FSC considers food and agriculture related businesses along the supply chain. FSC targets companies will have one or more of the following strategies: Increasing regional supply through novel products and services by utilizing regional ingredients to meet consumer/institutional demands; Building regional production and distribution capacity; and/orLeveraging technology- especially Software-as-a-Service models to achieve scale and gain efficiencies. FSC also target companies across several impact lenses, including their ability to strengthen regional economies, increase access and availability of “better” food, reduce waste, and support female founders.

Incorporation year: 2015

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Total firm assets under management: 5325000 USD

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