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Africa’s overall levels of poverty and under development in comparison to other continents is generally undisputed. A part of the solution to this problem is to provide capital for growth opportunities on the continent on a sustainable basis. Capital deployed for growth opportunities will result in development, employment and general improvement of society at large.
Eklavya Asset Managers (“Eklavya”) believes that it is possible to earn commercial returns for its investors whilst also having a positive impact on society. In this regard, Eklavya has set up the Eklavya Growth and Impact Fund 1 (“EGIF1”). EGIF1 raison d’être is to participate in the development of the continent on a sustainable basis by providing capital for growth or expansion purposes that will also result in meaningful social development on the African continent.
Eklavya is managed by a team of seasoned professionals with significant experience of making and monitoring investments on the African continent. Eklavya aims to raise commitments of USD 100m for EGIF1 with anticipated first close in March 2017. EGIF1 already has a seed asset and also has an exciting pipeline of investment opportunities.

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