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Craft3 makes long-term commitments in place, making dense triple bottom line investments in regional economic centers to support measurable outcomes and impact amplification in surrounding regions and build durable links between urban and rural communities that lead to local market recovery and broader regional resilience in the Pacific Northwest.. Craft3 has a fierce and passionate commitment to producing significant measurable triple bottom line results that support regional resilience. Strategic deployment of our capital delivers meaningful and measurable outcomes that are amplified by the outcomes of others leading to transformational change. We embrace complexity and listen carefully to understand in order to help at all levels: local, regional and national. We seek and deliver innovative and creative solutions where others thought there were none. We evaluate credit risk in order to accept risk and responsibly say “Yes” but are not afraid to say “No”. We deliver a suite of products that integrate mission and business results. We are fair, honest, direct and transparent. We support and mentor the entrepreneurs in our region. We encourage diverse relationships to build the trust that is a prerequisite to underwriting and financing positive change.. Craft3 is unique amongst most CDFIs because its mission encompasses the three “bottom lines” of economic opportunity, environmental sustainability, and social equity. Nationally, there are only a handful of CDFIs that incorporate the natural environment into their investment thesis and practice. Craft3 was founded on the belief that these three concerns are interconnected and cannot be successfully addressed as isolated problems. Craft3 is the largest CDFI loan fund in Oregon and Washington. Of the 42 CDFIs regionally, none offer Craft3’s range of products, investment amounts ($5,000 to $5MM) or geographic reach (statewide in OR/WA). Though we are the largest CDFI loan fund in our two-state region, we try to serve the need for non-bank capital by collaborating with smaller and more specialized, native- and non-native CDFIs. We even offer wholesale loans to these institutions, and partner with them through business assistance and loan participations.

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