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Capital Impact works with partners and communities to amplify locally driven solutions that address critical social and economic justice issues through strategic financing, investing in growing social innovation programs and delivering capacity building support; efforts that support our work to build a foundation of equity, inclusiveness, and cooperation for communities.. We believe that mission-driven enterprises can simultaneously do well while doing good. This requires partnering with and empowering communities to identify and advance locally driven solutions that help address their most pressing needs and negotiate critical social and racial justice issues. This effort is critical to address systemic poverty, create equity, build healthy communities, and promote inclusive growth. For more than 30 years, Capital Impact has worked toward these goals by ensuring equitable access to capital, innovation, and capacity building by lending to, investing in and developing programs with residents in underserved communities that traditional lenders are reluctant to support. We’ve met these challenges while maintaining a strong and diverse portfolio of investments that includes nationwide investments and low delinquency rates. Through our multi-pronged efforts, Capital Impact is helping build communities of opportunity that have a strong fabric of integrated services that empowers individuals to improve their lives and livelihoods.. Capital Impact Partner’s Investment Note Offering is unique because it is both rated by S&P and available through a continuous offering (not a one-time bond issuance). Additionally, with the S&P rating and a minimum investment size of only $1,000 the Note is available to both retail and institutional investors. Over the last two years Capital Impact Partners has institutionalized a racial equity lens in its lending and programmatic initiatives, recognizing that racial equity is deeply connected to expanding opportunities for underserved communities. An example of this work is The Equitable Development Initiative which provides training and access to capital for minority developers to support their participation in Detroit’s revitalization. Other examples include the Michigan Good Food Fun and our Criminal Justice Convening.

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