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Arborview’s investment thesis is based on the fundamental belief that growth equity capital provides the best risk-adjusted returns for investors seeking to invest in three core sectors (energy efficiency, resource efficiency, and sustainability) where success can be measured not only by the investment returns but also by the positive social and environment impacts shared by a company’s stakeholders.. Arborview’s investment thesis has three essential elements; first, seek out businesses where demand for cleaner or more sustainable alternatives provides an opportunity for strong growth. Second, acquire a meaningful stake in the business at a reasonable valuation and work closely with management to build infrastructure and processes to support scalability and rapid growth. Third, partner with management to execute on business growth and position the company as an attractive enterprise that can create significant value for all stakeholders. Our knowledge of the broader industry trends in our core sectors – energy efficiency, resource efficiency and sustainability – is critical to ensuring the proper positioning and market strategy as well as the most likely long-term path towards success for each business.. We believe Arborview Capital is differentiated in the following ways: Growth equity mandate provides flexibility to pursue either minority or majority ownership stakes Typical hold period is longer than average due to our focus on MOIC (over IRR) Focused, lower velocity investment strategy – fewer companies results in a higher level of Arborview engagement with management Impact community engagement – founding member (and steering committee) of Impact Capital Managers, Wharton Social Impact Initiative, MIINT host, etc. Funds are GIIRS and iPar rated and our portfolio companies are GIIRS rated Strong investment returns – both MOIC and realized/DPI

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