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An enterprise promotion firm which as a capital partner provides short to medium-term SME financial capital coupled with augmenting venture support services. These services are typically structured through linked market arrangements with corporate firms enterprise platforms and affiliate support service organisations.
We have adopted a proven product and service provision approach built on three enterprise success determining pillars: training and coaching; financing; and professional support services. Focusing on the niche SME target market with its directly-offered financing core products; Allumez concurrently also offers this segment access to a broad full range of complementing training and coaching products together with requisite enterprise support services. These accompanying products and services are mainly delivered through collaboration in working partnership arrangements.
Our commitment in serving the interests of stakeholders is intended to help foster economic transformation in communities leveraging off the provision of financial services. Allumez’s prescience is to be a global SME capital finance partner of first choice for creating employment, growth and education.

Incorporation year: 2008

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